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Discover the fast ‘good’ food revolution, thanks to the brand new B Foodie concept.


B Magical
B Foodie

In today’s urban jungle people are always on the hunt for happiness. We crave for instant gratification. So it’s no surprise streetfood is up and rising. B Foodie pursues this trend but wants to turn immediate satisfaction into a long-term feeling of happiness.

B Foodie translate Fastfood into modern fast “good” food with a genuine green twist, prepared without nitrates or other artificial additives. B Foodie serves honest plates that roots in our mother’s cuisine, where pleasure was found in growing and harvesting your own ingredients. 

B Box, a Plate in a Box

B Natural
B Burger

B Foodie brings a piece of culinary knowledge to the world. The Belgian two Michelin-starred chef Bart De Pooter guarantees authentic flavours and flair: a diverse and varied range of hot dogs, burgers, low-fat wraps, toasts and pancakes. And not to worry: we also serve sugar pancakes for our sweets.

On top of the menu: the B Burger, a hundred percent beef burger made with high quality meat from diary cow. B Burger comes along with a matching vegetable, sourdough bun, toppings and a small salad. 

B Holstein burger, a piece of culinary excellence

B Worry Free
B Happy

In collaboration with “Hels” we bring you a B Foodie experience right where you want it.

Specialized in logistics, Hels is our partner whom is in charge of transportation, installation and provides a 24/7 service. You don’t have to worry about nothing except what you want and where you want it.

With a large experience in client pleasing B Foodie, Hels and Electrolux joined their forces to make you live a unique experience in an urban jungle environment. 

B Rockstar flycase, B Food travels in style

B Hot
B Electrolux

Good food within seconds on your plate?

That calls for technology. So B Foodie called Electrolux. In close cooperation with Bart De Pooter they designed the B Burger grill.

This HSG Panini Grill is up to 75% faster than a standard sandwich grill, while offering the highest quality terms of a perfectly toasted sandwich, warmed throughout. And the best part? Sandwiches go directly from the refrigerator to your plate in a few seconds. Download the HGS Panini Grill Manual here

B Foodie directly from the refrigerator to your plate in a few seconds

To B or not to B

B Healty
Fast “ good “ food with high quality products. Fast food doesn’t mean bad food with B Foodie. Enjoy our healty holstein burgers, carpacio wraps, and sweet pancakes among other healty food.
B Worry Free
With the combination of the food collection by Bart De Pooter, the B Burger grill powered by Electrolux and the logistic handeld by Hels you just have to worry about how great your event will be!
B Where you want

B Cargoo, B Rimboo, B Foodie. Just make a selection of our collection to create a one of a kind event right where you want it. With our flycases we bring B Foodie wherever you are. 

B Fast
4 burgers : 2 min
3 hot dogs : 30 sec
5 wraps : 1 min
3 sweet creations : 30 sec